In the State Assembly, we can count on Ken Zebrowski to fight for all the families and taxpayers of Rockland County. Among other things important to our community, Ken will be a powerful voice for:

Affordability and Tax Relief

Ken Zebrowski gets it. He understands that Rockland County is a great place to live, work and raise your children. However, he also understands that it is getting more difficult for residents to make ends meet. That’s why Ken’s record balances fiscal discipline with protecting our schools and communities. That’s why he:

  • Fought to lower middle class income tax rates to the lowest level in over 50 years
  • Made the property tax cap permanent, delivered property tax rebate checks, expanded child tax credit payments, and expanded Enhanced STAR for seniors
  • Established a state gas tax holiday and delivered a Rockland residency toll discount over the new bridge
  • Secured funding for North Rockland two years in a row to prevent tax increases due to the MIRANT tax certiori

Ken continues to fight for Rockland’s fair share of State funding to both provide the best education for our children and to keep local property taxes down.

Protecting Our Communities

Ken Zebrowski has been a voice for tough, smart and deterrent policies to combat crime. Locally, he has secured grants for significant programs such as cameras in areas of his district with drug problems, license plate readers, infrastructure improvements, and mental health programs for police officers. In Albany, Ken sponsored legislation making New York a leader in the effort to combat dangerous weapons, while authoring and passing bills to make our communities safer, protect victims and invest in security.

As important as sponsoring and supporting bills that cut down on crime is Ken’s opposition to proposals that hinder police work. Ken has consistently opposed proposals that put bureaucratic obstacles between our police and their ability to effectively combat crime. He voted no on bail reform and fought for changes to give judges more discretion when it comes to setting bail. He has received the support of numerous police organizations, including the Police Conference of New York, the largest in the state.

Ken has also been a steadfast supporter of our first responders, and recently passed legislation to give volunteer firefighters and EMTs a local tax credit for their service. He secured funding for firehouse renovations in Rockland and for rescue equipment such as the jaws of life and water rescue gear.

Reform, Accountability and Transparency

In his years in the Assembly, Ken has been a strong supporter of strict ethics standards. He co-sponsored ethics reforms to restrict the use of campaign funds, mandate disclosure of outside income and set up an independent agency to investigate misconduct. Ken sponsored legislation signed into law to restrict the use of unregulated dark money in internet ads, require “paid for by” disclosures on campaign material, and prevent LLCs that own real estate from hiding the identity of the members.

Ken also passed legislation he sponsored this year to restore the comptroller’s oversight over state contracts to protect taxpayer money. He also proposed changes to modernize the state’s open meetings law that were included in the 2022 budget.

He has proposed several ethics reform bills to prevent corrupt politicians from defrauding taxpayers. His package of bills would withhold pay for elected officials who are under indictment for public corruption and expedite trials to ensure justice.

Ken doesn’t think elected officials who violate the public’s trust should be able to collect a government pension, which is why he signed onto legislation that would take away pensions of politicians who have been convicted of corruption charges. He believes in zero tolerance for individuals who use public office to defraud taxpayers and has supported reforms that will do just that.

Strengthening Our Schools

Ken has been a vocal advocate for Rockland’s school districts. Year in and year out he tirelessly fights for increased funds and is working on changes to the state education funding formula to protect Rockland. Superintendents, School Board Members and Parents have an open door to the Assemblyman and have worked with Ken to ensure students get the best possible education. During this term, Ken:

  • Fully funded Foundation Aid, resulting in an extra $75 million to Rockland schools over the past two years and funding for additional pre-k slots.
  • Expanded full-day kindergarten to North Rockland and across the state.
  • Achieved investments in tuition assistance programs to make college more affordable for everyone.

Ken has also been successful in securing grant’s to help Rockland Schools with infrastructure needs and specific funding problems. Ken has secured special assistance for school district debt, sports facility and locker room needs and other special projects.


Ken has fought to create accessible healthcare options for all New Yorkers. The rising cost of healthcare is a burden on middle class families and small businesses.

Ken has worked to ensure health insurance companies are playing by the rules. He has introduced legislation, which has passed the Assembly, which would make it illegal for insurance companies to reward their employees based upon the number of claims they deny, or policies cancelled. This commonsense legislation will protect consumers who have been the victim of unfair insurance practices.

Ken has also championed the fight against the growing Hepatitis C epidemic by passing the Nation’s first testing law. The law, which went into effect in January 2014, requires doctors to offer a one-time Hepatitis C test to baby boomers (persons born between 1945-1965). Hepatitis C disproportionately affects baby boomers with as many as 1 in 30 being infected. This law will help bring more awareness to this “silent” disease by getting more New Yorkers tested and on treatment.

A Record of Results for Rocklanders

During his tenure in the Assembly, Ken has proven to have the expertise and influence to address Rockland’s unique issues.

Ken has secured numerous grants to assist Rockland’s municipalities and not-for-profits. Projects Ken has funded include road paving, curbs, playgrounds, water treatment plants, security cameras, recreational facilities and school funding. These grants not only fund essential local projects but take some of the burden off of local property taxes.

Sometimes Rockland needs special state legislation or advocacy to address key issues. Ken has proven to have the legislative expertise to get action on unique problems. Over the years, Ken has:

  • Exposed and fought against illegal housing and fire code practices across the county that threaten the safety of residents, first responders, and home values
  • Developed legislation to protect our water supply and defeated proposals that would harm our environment and quality of life
  • Reformed burdensome business regulations to improve transparency in small business financing, expanded capacity for small brewers, and worked to lower taxes on small businesses
  • Prioritized additional commuting options and fairness for West of Hudson commuters
  • Fought back against the chicken slaughterhouse project

The East Ramapo School District has been mired in controversy and financial problems for several years. These issues have had a negative impact on the quality of education in the district. Ken has taken a strong stance in advocating for the unique needs of the district and has successfully called for the appointment of a fiscal monitor. This newly installed oversight will allow for an open and transparent review of the school district’s operations, policies and finances. Ken has vowed to continue to ensure that East Ramapo students receive the best possible education.

There have been several instances in Rockland municipalities where rampant building code violations have led to dangerous conditions for residents and first responders. Ken has called for an investigation into lack of code enforcement on the local level and has worked with our volunteer firefighters to ensure safe buildings in Rockland.

The Town of Haverstraw and the North Rockland School District have been saddled with millions of dollars in debt and lost tax revenue due to the MIRANT tax certiori and closure of the Lovett Power Plant. Not only has Ken secured millions of dollars in specialized assistance for the school district but he was able to pass legislation that prevented a further unfair shift of taxes onto homeowners.

Protecting Our Environment

Throughout his service in the Assembly, Ken has consistently been ranked as one of the strongest advocates by environmental organizations. As a member of the Environmental Conservation Committee, Ken has been a leader in pushing a bold agenda to protect our environment.

In response to the rampant flooding in Rockland County, Ken recently passed legislation that created the Bi-State Flood Mitigation Task Force. The task force, which will be made up of volunteers from both Rockland and Bergen counties, will study and make recommendations on how to better combat flooding. Water knows no boundaries and this method is designed to approach severe flooding in a coordinated and cooperative manner.

Ken raised serious concerns with the cost, safety and need of the proposed desalination plant in Rockland. He opposed the project in public comments and meetings with State leaders. He relayed the concerns of thousands of Rockland residents who are afraid of rising water rates, water quality issues and long term consequences. The plans for the desalination plant construction has been cancelled.

Ken wants to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to safe drinking water. That’s why he supported safeguards against the potentially dangerous impacts of hydrofracking. If not properly regulated this drilling could have serious environmental consequences. Ken supported legislation that put some of the strictest drinking water standards that protects our precious resource.

Ken loves taking citizen ideas and turning them into statewide policy. For example, Ken received letters from elementary school children who were concerned about the dangers of pesticides in schools. After reading these concerns from school children, he introduced legislation that will provide for safe pest control practices in schools.